Barfab was selected as Iran’s premier gold exporter

Barfab was selected as Iran’s top exporter.

Out of hundreds of Iranian exporting companies, 44 brands were selected as exemplary exporters and finally 8 of them were selected as Iran’s leading exporters in all industries, proudly of Bafab brand as Iran’s leading and gold exporter and the only brand in the industry. Iran Household Appliances achieved this position.

The 22nd National Iranian Export Anniversary was held on Monday, December 11, 2009, with the aim of commemorating and selecting Iranian sample exporting brands in the year 1398, with the participation of the Ministers of State and the Vice President at the Tehran Summit.

Iran Trade Promotion Organization annually aims to support and enhance the country’s exports and encourage exporters and economic and commercial activists to celebrate National Export Day and honors the country’s top export agencies with the presence of high-ranking government officials.

“Iran’s Premium Exporter” is awarded with a brand that has achieved 6 years as an Exemplary Iranian Exporter and finally for the sixth year as Iran’s premier and gold exporter and the Barfab brand as the only Iranian home appliance brand as a premier exporter. Selected.

ديسمبر 3, 2019
10:58 ص
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