After Sales Services

We know that the cost of a new customer acquisition for each organization is 5 times higher than the cost of maintaining customers, so any organization and its processes should try to keep up with existing customers to increase their loyalty. One of the ways to increase the loyalty of these customers is to provide the right, appropriate, and even higher-than-expected service to them. The provision of promised services only maintains the level of customer satisfaction within the defined standards, which is why leading service providers offer customers more than expectations. After sales service in any organization, is the source of customer information entry to the organization and all processes involved in the production and provision of services can take advantage of this information and measure the level of customer needs and plan accordingly.

Following the expansion of export markets of the company, the first question asked by major buyers in these markets is the status of after-sales services and the purchase of spare parts for products in which trusted managers in this section assured them for both. First, they ensure the provision of spare parts, and then guarantee the assurance of after-sales service. Due to the fact that in the neighboring countries there are people who carry out repairs of the product, the company first entered into negotiations with them, and at the time of supplying their spare parts, they paid the required repairs, and at some point it was necessary. Problems expressed close Consider and discuss the issue and resolve the problem.

The belief of most senior executives and all processes of the organization in the provision of services should be based on the need to review and plan for the needs of the customers. The customer must ensure the provision of spare parts and discipline in the delivery of it. Improper customer satisfaction and disregard for the customer. The customer is even willing to pay the surcharge, but is not worried about his product service, and it is the responsibility of the organization and after sales service to give this assurance to the customer. This matter was well understood in all the talk with the various buyers of the product in Azerbaijan, and everyone insisted that they should have a comfortable memory.