The 16th round of National perseverance in Production and Services Award Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade of Iran

In October 2018, The Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade held a ceremony for its 16th round of National perseverance in Production and Services Award at IRIB International Conference Center.
Candidates from the 300 top Iranian companies were present on this day. Companies were evaluated and judged based on factors such as 1- quality 2- design
3. Innovation 4. Customer Relationship. Also, government officials and directors gave a lecture.
Dr. Khazaee, deputy minister of economy and finance and chairman of the Foreign Investment Organization also gave a lecture.
Dr. Khazaee: “It is not possible to support foreign investment without supporting the domestic investor.”
Dr. Shiva, Head of the Competition Council: “We are in a state of economic imbalances. Government must help the people and economy using distribution and supply policy.
Dr. Hamid Garmabi, a member of Commission of Industrial and Mines of the Islamic Consultative Assembly: “In the present situation, one must be brave to do manufacturing and exporting and few companies have succeeded in this matter.”
Also, Dr. Jalilpour, a member of the board of directors of Barfab, interviewed Strategic Studies Center of Industry, Mine and Trade ministry and discussed about Barfab’s strategy in manufacturing, marketing, international sales and exports in critical situations and how Barfab was successful in this situation which will be described in details in report section of this quarterly journal.

Eventually, on this day, BARFAB was selected as the competent brand in several sectors and attained following titles:
1- Gold medal of manufacturer of the best home appliances in the country.
2- The standard of the highest level of quality and after-sales service.
3- Golden Medal of Creator of Innovation and Welfare of Customers in Home Appliance Industry
4- National Medal for the first rank in design and innovation of home appliance industry
5- Golden statue of Perseverance in National Manufacturing
6- Quality and Increasing Trust Certificate from ICMF federation

February 27, 2019
1:26 pm
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