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In June of 2019, we tried to increase our CRM experts’ mastery of the products in the after sales service process by conducting two training workshops with the aim of improving the quality of the process of communication with our customers.

In today’s competitive market, the importance of customer relationship management and quality has increased so much that the successful performance of the CRM department and after-sales service is considered as a competitive advantage and one of the key factors in the success of each brand. Hence, Barfab tries to improve the quality of its communication channels in the management of customer experience and after-sales services by educating the CRM experts the best way possible. The workshops were held with the following objectives:

1- A full knowledge of the products and their types

2- Familiarity with how products work in order to understand the content provided by the customer precisely.

3- Identifying potential problems and proposed initial solutions

4- Familiarity with items that customers consider them as defects due to their lack of knowledge of the product and provide the necessary guidance in each case.

5- Inspect the insertion of product barcodes, doors, keys and other product parts to help customers better when they receiving information.


Statistics show that every 5 years successful organizations in the world lose 50% of their customers due to failure to provide after-sales services. We know the cost of attracting a new customer is between 5and 11 times greater than keeping an old customer. In other words, it costs 10 % to increase customers by two percent, also disadvantages of losing a customer is equivalent to the escape of another 100 customers. Therefore, we can say that customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for all future successes of companies. The most valuable asset of any brand is the trust and confidence of the customers.

On the other hand, 96% of dissatisfied customers leave the company without complaints and prior notice and go after the rival company. In other words, only 4% of the dissatisfied customers complain, that means for every customer complaint, there are 25 other unhappy customers.

According to Peter Drucker, the goal of every business is to create a customer. But more important than that is keeping these customers and deepening the relationship with them. Customer relationship management is exactly the very strategy and tool that is one of the factors of brand success if used well in the organization.

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