Tajikistan Ambassador In Barfab

 New Markets and Tajikistan Ambassador gave a visit to Barfab
In the fall of 2018, due to the long-term strategy of Barfab and strategy of marketing and export managements which was based on the expansion of the market and distribution channels, Barfab brand has been honored to be present in several markets and countries such as Tajikistan.
After conducting marketing research, marketing department planned to enter this market. In order to officially introduce Barfab to the ministry of commerce meetings were arranged with Tajikistan ambassador, Nematullah Emamzadeh and the economic vice presidents, Mr. Rostam Mohammadzadeh and Mohammad Daltov. Barfab hosted Tajikistan commission on a day in head office of Tehran so that Barfab’s directors and members become more acquainted with them (on deeper levels).
His Excellency Mr. Nematullah Imamzadeh, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Tajikistan had a meeting with the members of the Barfab’s board of directors and made a speech on the historical and cultural backgrounds of Tajikistan, New Tajikistan, and common facts and commercial capacity of Iran and Tajikistan. They then visited some departments including marketing, domestic sales, export, CRM and after sales services.
A Brief Review of Mr. Nematullah Emamzadeh’s speech:
“Today, New Tajikistan is a country with rich water resources, pristine nature capable of producing and exporting electricity. In future, the war will be fought over water. There has been many historical and cultural similarities between Iran and Tajikistan from long time ago. The economic vice president of Tajikistan embassy conduct a research on standards and history of Barfab in exporting and presence of it in countries of the region. I welcome the entry of the Barfab brand into the Tajikistan market since products which are designed based on Electricity can be very successful in Tajikistan. That’s why I have directed to start the official correspondence with the ministry to introduce Barfab.
“After several years of intensive international negotiations, the construction of the railway line of Tajikistan, China, Kazakhstan, and Afghanistan was finally approved.”
“I am encouraged by the widespread after sales service system and Barfab’s commitment to the customer after the sale because being committed and responsible after the sale is highly important for Tajikistan’s people.
“After sales service preserves brand’s credits in the eyes of the customer.”
“needs of people designs the future of the products.”

July 24, 2019
7:41 am
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