Export Strategy at BARFAB

Barfab started exporting to neighboring countries from 2004. Since then the exporting business increased rapidly to the extent that along with receiving letters of commendation and other honors, Barfab was chosen as the export role model from/for 2007 to 2012.

At first, Barfab started exporting to Iraq and extended its job by focusing on Iraq’s market using uniaxial policy.70% of all products was exported to Iraq .Quality, efficiency, trust and reasonable prices were among the factor that made Barfab a perfect choice as an importer for Iraq. This strategy was the main strategy of export department until the last year. In this way majority of the products were designed according to Iraq’s market and needs of it. The success of the brand in exporting to Iraq has led to the point that even after 14 years, Iraq is still one of Barfab’s customers and Barfab is one of the top home appliances brand in this country.
Last year, Barfab complex was under the deep transformation in its various layers and based on them, attitudes and prospects had changed. This changes resulted in change of strategy in export department. The new strategy of Export Department over the past year was then developed by the mentoring and planning of the venerable members of the board of directors and the sales and marketing management. One of the main and objectives of this strategy was depended on the development of the market and the development of Barfab products, which according to the thousands of products that has been exported to more than five foreign markets, was successful.

For this structural changes, Principles and professional standards of marketing and international exporting were considered to change the strategy and according to three principles, plans were made.

1-Nothing is fixed.

2-No one is perfect.

3- Nothing is absolute.

In advance the export department along with extending its activities, devoted its entire efforts to become acquaintance with markets of the countries in the Middle East and established its research using C model consisting of following principals:

A: Company

B: Customers

C: Competitors

D: Context

Export department team, along with the marketing team like wings of a bird, proceed to make an operational plan for entering the target market after a careful and standard study and gained awareness of it.

At this stage, products were designed and customized according to the market needs for different countries so that Barfab will be the customer’s choice.
After the research, the next stage was making the market. At this point we earned new market share in its first phase of entering each market using international selling techniques.
Export department managed to revive and add countries such as the Arab region of Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Qatar and Tajikistan into its sales network and after sales service. Also by active presence in international exhibition held in Russia, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Lebanon, export department introduced Barfab’s products and got a perspective of its target markets in future.
Increasing market share means increasing profits, followed by increasing the number of customers, which needs different strategies. Any organization or company that seeks to succeed in the market should continually strive to increase its market share but the truth is that most companies avoid scheduling and investing in long-term projects and do not achieve their intended goals. Usually, at the end of the fiscal year, when the company’s revenue is calculated and its success rate is evaluated, expectations are not met. This is because they are not having foresight, but in the past year, we have seen systemic thinking and long-term strategy from the highest levels of the Barfab organization, leading to these successes.
Barfab aims to become one of the international companies by increasing its presence and penetration into the markets of the region. One of our long-term goals is earning a significant share of the Iranian home appliance market in other countries.

At the present time, Barfab is working on gaining market share in target countries. Various strategies can be used to create a market share, but you should always consider the following points:

The primary market is stable, falling, or growing?

Is the product produced distinct or identical to competitors?

How is the company’s resources compare to competitors?

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