Barfab’s Event in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

In the last days of September 2019, Barfab brand organized an event to meet new sales representatives in the northern area of the Iraq-Kurdish region of Iraq. The program was widely welcomed by over 100 business partners and sales representatives.

This event took place in 4 hours and it was attended by Mr. Jalilpour, member of Barfab’s Board of Directors, Dr. Khabir, sales and marking executive of the Barfab, and Mr. Bakhshandeh, Head of Barfab’s Export department, in the beautiful and Kurdish speaking city of  Iraq called Sulaymaniyah which is one of the major scientific and medical tourism hub in Iraq.

Unveiling and introducing the “Barfan” brand, the second brand and subgroup of the Barfab brand in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan was one of the main purposes of this event. The event also provided an opportunity to meet new delegates and discussions about the fall and winter sales as well as the upcoming year’s plans.

Sulaimaniyah is located northeast of Iraqi Kurdistan, near the Iranian border. Its population has grown in recent years and a significant population of Kurdish Iranians chose there for living.

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